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Emergency Preparedness

Management & Safety

如果出现紧急情况,pg电子app下载区应急管理将提供指导, to students, employees, and visitors.

Blinn Alert是一个用于联系学生的紧急通信系统, faculty, and staff. 该系统用于紧急情况、学校关闭或其他重要信息. It is not used for routine communications.
Alerts can be sent by the following methods:

  • Phone
  • Text
  • Email
  • Campus Computers
  • College Website

警报将由解释情况的消息组成,然后警报将要求确认是否收到该消息. 在秋季和春季学期,将进行一次系统范围的测试. 这通常发生在课程的前三周.

学生自动注册警报系统,而教职员工必须注册. 在任何一种情况下,都必须提供正确的紧急联系信息. 例如,学生应该给出他们的手机号码和家庭电话作为主要pg电子app下载. 如果警报发出,而学生在校园里,他们不会立即意识到警报.

学生和员工应该检查他们所有的条目,以确保联系信息是正确的. 输入错误的电话或电子邮件地址,将导致错过警报. 



如果发生威胁或有可能威胁校园内个人安全的紧急情况, a lockdown will be issued. 可能会对整个校园、校园的一部分或单个建筑物发布封锁. 如果需要封锁,则会发出Blinn警报通知 issued. 这将提供有关封锁的具体信息.
If a lockdown occur, the following actions should be taken:

  • Immediately seek safe shelter
  • Remain calm
  • Lock doors and windows.
  • Cover windows, pull shades, close blinds, etc.
  • Stay away from doors and windows
  • 除非收到Blinn警报,否则不要离开你的区域, emergency personnel, or an identified public servant.


有些情况下,留在户外是不安全的. Some of these are: 恶劣天气、有害物质事件或紧急情况. 一个适当的庇护所可以为整个校园或校园的一部分发放. If a shelter in place is needed, a Blinn Alert notification will be issued, giving specific information. A shelter in place is not a lockdown.


  •  寻找安全的庇护所——防空洞、遮阳篷、树木、高尔夫球车等. are not safe shelter
  • Close all exterior doors and windows
  • Stay away from exterior doors
  • If needed, air systems will be turned off
  • 待在室内,直到官方指示安全为止


在某些情况下,建筑物可能需要疏散. 不管是什么原因,请保持冷静,并做到以下几点:

  • Have an exit strategy
    • Know where all exits are located
    • Proceed to the nearest safe exit or
    • Proceed to the indicated exit
  • Do not leave until told to do so
  • Do not run
  • Help those who may need assistance
  • 到指定集合点报到,等待进一步指示
  • Use the stairs. 除非急救人员允许,否则不要使用电梯.


所有学生,员工和客人的安全和福祉是优先考虑的. 任何时候任何人看到不正常或可疑的东西, they are encouraged to report it immediately. 同样,如果任何人看到可疑活动,他们应该立即报告. There are several means of reporting and include:

  • 911 for all emergency situations
  • Campus Police
    • Brenham – 979-277-7373 (7373 from any campus phone)
    • Bryan – 979-277-7373 (7373 from any campus phone)
    • 参观警察局办公室(布莱恩和布伦汉姆校区的学生中心)
  • Emergency Management and Safety  (979-830-4391)
  • Any College District employee 

Bomb threats may come in different forms. They can be called in, text, email, notes, etc. 如果你看到可疑物品或包裹,不要碰它. 不要在附近使用手机,并警告其他人远离. 立即拨打911或布林警方通知急救人员.

  • Where is the bomb and when will it go off?
  • What does it look like?
  • Try to keep the caller talking and on the line. Officials may be able to trace the call.
  • 注意声音、口音和背景噪音.
  • Follow instructions of emergency personnel.
  • 只有在紧急救援人员的指示下才能撤离.
  • If an evacuation is needed, 直接去指定的集合点,等待进一步指示.

This Emergency Response Plan (ERP), and contents within, 为pg电子app下载区如何针对所有校区和设施进行各种紧急响应提供指导. The ERP is written in support of, and as an addendum to, the Washington County Emergency Operations Plan (EOP), sometimes referred to as an Emergency Management Plan, Annex “G,” Law Enforcement, 并应被视为该EOP的“交互式支持文件”. pg电子app下载区校园和布拉索斯县的设施, Fayette County, 和奥斯汀县- ERP将作为对地区运作有重大影响的所有关键事件的主要响应计划.

Emergency Response Plan (ERP)

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