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Parenting Services

Mission Statement

The Parenting Services mission is to offer meaningful support to pregnant and parenting students by addressing their unique challenges, therefore allowing them the greatest opportunity to complete their degree program in a timely manner and ultimately provide for themselves and their children.

This support extends to both mothers and fathers, biological and adoptive. If you believe you may qualify for parenting services, email for more information.

General Information

House Bill 1361, Senate Bill 412, Senate Bill 459, and Title IX lay out student rights and anti-discrimination guidelines for pregnant and parenting students. These laws state that each college or university should:

  • Designate a liaison officer to assist with student success efforts
  • Offer resources and support services
  • Provide reasonable accommodations
  • Allow pregnant or parenting students to take a leave of absence while remaining in good standing without being required to reapply for admission
  • Provide opportunity for early registration

A college or university cannot, due to issues related to pregnancy or parenting:

  • Require a student to take a leave of absence or withdraw
  • Require a student to limit studies or activities
  • Require a student to change their major or degree program

Please visit the Title IX page for concerns related to Title IX or to complete the reporting form.

Reasonable adjustments vary for each individual student based on their unique needs and challenges, but some adjustments a pregnant or parenting student may receive include:

  • Access to instructional materials and recordings of lectures
  • Accessible seating
  • Frequent restroom breaks
  • Ability to have food or drink in the classroom
  • Priority Registration
  • Allowing the student to maintain a safe distance from substances, areas, and activities known to be hazardous to pregnant women or unborn children
  • Excused absences due to pregnancy, childbirth, or a resulting medical condition when deemed medically necessary by a health professional

A variety of community resources are also available. Download this referral handout for information about resources offered at Blinn College and community agencies.

A pregnant or parenting student is allowed to take a leave of absence. The allocated duration of a leave of absence will be dependent on doctor recommendations for time of release. If you believe you may need to take a leave of absence, please contact the liaison to discuss this option.


Complete the online Parenting Services intake packet. Be sure to provide documentation such as the child’s birth certificate, a doctor’s note, or a copy of a certified court order.


Schedule an appointment with the student parent liaison.


Parenting Services will issue a letter with instructions, which will be emailed to the student’s BUC email account. The student's Blinn email may be accessed through the myBLINN portal. Students are responsible for providing letters to faculty.


To renew services, students should complete the renewal parenting form for each semester they are enrolled.

Students requesting parenting services will be notified by email once the intake and documentation have been reviewed. Please check your student Blinn email for a response. If a student has not heard back from Parenting Services within three weeks of submitting the intake form, please contact the liaison.

Nursing Rooms

Blinn College is pleased to provide clean, private lactation spaces to meet the needs of nursing parents. These rooms are located at:

Bryan Campus
Bldg. B, Room 110

Schwartz Bldg. 457 or BLRA 243

Brenham Campus
STEI 218

Contact Information

Student Parent Liaison
Alexis Baker

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